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Loving these dry bags. I use the bigger one for stuff I don't use a lot like coats, blankets, first aid, etc. I keep the smaller one more accessible for face mask, radio, Go Pro, etc.


The bags are awesome! We had our binoculars, camera, paper towels, bread and sweatshirts! They all stayed dust free! #Moab

N. Layne

Thanks again Tail Gunner Off-Road, we have been putting this awesome bag to good use.

E. Lewis

Hoodies, rain gear, 2 gallons of pepperoni rolls, neck support brace for riding, 2 extra goggles, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies!!! And probably something else that I am forgetting. It was great!

C. Campbell

I have both sizes of Haversack on my Can Am and I have put these to the ultimate test. So far the bags have had over 1000 hard miles of trails, rain, mud, dust and sand. Not one time did anything get to my belongings...very heavy duty durable material. Don't wait any longer to get one for yourself, you won't regret it!!

J. Hatch

So we packed our new Tail Gunner Off-Road dry bag. You may not believe this but inside the bag is the following: 2 heavy hoodies (3XL and XL), 2 full rain suits (2XL and XL), 2 axle helmets (XL and M), 3 sets of goggles and 3 dust masks in the box, a couple of toboggans and a roll of TP. This is the nicest bag we've had and it is going to strap right to the roll bar.


Love ours. We used it to throw hoodies for the kiddos and stuff. Even as a spare 12 pack holder.

C. Price


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