Q. I can order water proof bags, which I own a bunch due to the amount of kayaking trips I take, off eBay and amazon for $20-$30. So I’m going to need some elaboration as to why I should pay $125 for your product?  - John

A. John if the money is your only deciding factor you could probably get a Zip Lock bag to try and keep your stuff dry. But you didn't because the $30.00 bags fit your specific purpose.

Tail Gunner Off-Road Haversacks also fit a purpose. These bags are designed to not just keep splashing water off of the contents. They are made to be moved around and attached where ever you see fit. The are made to spend the weekend covered in 20 pounds of mud, rolled down a mountain side, banged off a tree and taken to the pressure washer at the car wash and cleaned up.

I have had the 30.00 bags before, that’s why we have these now.


Q. Knockoff ICEMULE?

A.While they do share some of the same designs features, they are totally different. Think of a race car and a monster truck. They are both motorized vehicles, but have two entirely different functions

Their bag is a cooler with a strap that you can throw over your shoulder and take to the beach.
Tail Gunner Off-Road Haversacks are a rugged off road storage solution. They are made of a heavy duty 1000D tarpaulin material that can stand up to off road abuse. The haversacks are not intended to keep the cool in. But to keep water, snow, sand and mud out. I wouldn’t trust my dry clothes, tools, wallet and cell phone in a cooler.
The haversacks can also be carried by the shoulder strap or they can be attached to a roll bar or roof rack and kept out of the way when space is at a premium.