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Brass bell made of a .50 cal shell with brass tag that says "Straighten Up & Fly Right"
Packaging for Bomber Bell
Packaging for Bomber Bell
Story of Tail Gunner
"Straighten Up & Fly Right" Bomber Bell
Bomber Bell
Bomber Bell attached to a rear view mirror
Bomber Bell attached to a rear view mirror
Bomber bell on a motorcycle
Bomber Bell on a Polaris Rzr

"Straighten Up & Fly Right" Bomber Bell

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  • .50 Cal Outer Shell
  • 223 Projectile Clapper
  • Engraved 1" x 2" 20 Gauge Brass Dog Tag
  • 1 of 10 Unique Messages for Every Occasion
  • Hand Stamped and Numbered Box
  • Mount it on the Roll Cage, Grab Handle, Rear View Mirror, Handlebar, ETC.

    During World War II, the Bomber crews were given small bells to hang inside the aircraft for good luck.

     After the war, motorcycles got into this tradition with something called guardian bells.

     In 2019, Tail Gunner Off-Road introduced the Bomber Bell. These bells are made from the once fired brass shell of a .50 caliber. They also include a brass dog tag engraved with our logo and 1 of 10 different messages.

     You can buy one for yourself but, just like the originals, these Bomber Bells are meant to be given as a gift for someone you care about and want to keep safe.