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Tire Repair System by Tech Outdoors
Kit componets. repairs, vulcanizing fluid
Tire Repair System by Tech Outdoors
Tire Repair System by Tech Outdoors

Tire Repair System by Tech Outdoors

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Imagine your out riding, covering lots of ground, having a great time. Now pretend some one says “I’ll give you a 20 dollar bill if you just sit right here for the rest of the afternoon.” My guess is you wouldn’t do that, so why would you chance it riding without a tire repair kit?

The Tech Outdoors Tire Repair System includes:

    • Easy-Grip Spiral Reaming Tool
    • Easy-Grip Insert Tool
    • 8 PermaCure Vulcanizing Repair Inserts
    • 10 ml Tube of Vulcanizing Fluid
    • Durable Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Don’t let the old rubber cement and resin string plugs leave you stranded. This tire repair kit features PermaCure Vulcanizing Technology that permanently bonds to the rubber, giving you a repair that lasts the life of the tire. The PermaCure tire repair system is so easy anyone can use it.

•  PermaCure tire plugs permanently vulcanize to the tire, fixing it forever.
•  Won’t dry out and shrink like ordinary tire plugs.
•  EASY, FAST, On the Wheel repair – Fix a flat tire in minutes.
•  Great for all types of tires – ATV, Off-road, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, trailer and utility, tubeless, radial and bias ply.
•  Made in the USA.